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Transparent TaxationHonoring the Honest: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched ‘fundamental and structural reforms’ for Income taxpayers.
Today on 13th August, 2020, a platform ‘Transparent Taxation- Honoring the Honest’ is launched which will strengthen efforts of “reforming and simplifying our tax system”.

“Transparent Taxation – Honoring the Honest” will facilitate faceless assessments with the Income Tax Department, faceless appeal and taxpayer charter.

From 25th September, faceless appeal will be applicable, meanwhile faceless assessment and taxpayer charter has come into place from today 13th August only. These policies are Income Tax Payer friendly and has been taken out of the power-centric approach. Prime Minister Modi said “complexity arise when compliance is not easy, making a clear law will make taxpayers and nation both happy and prosperous”.

This Taxpayer Charter explains what Taxpayers can expect from the Income Tax Department and what is expected from the Taxpayers by the department.

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